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Started as a simple website grew into an innovative Career Dashboard, aim to change the talent acquisition landscape by connecting both employers and interns online.

Jobruns is changing the way people think about a career, and we’re helping employers/recruiters to search and find their next placement from the job market. We are expanding into a new market, Jobruns was launched and together, we work with a broad online network of ambitious candidates, to make great things happen

We provide an interactive platform which automatically matches talented interns with top employers, relieve the time-consuming burden of repetitive job posting and application processes.

The way we work is simple. We focus on connecting employers to the best candidates who are actively searching for jobs including; part time and weekend work to internship, placement and graduate roles.

We enable students, graduates who join our rapidly growing private directory to create detailed searchable and accessible interactive profiles. The platform provides automatic matches and features powerful search filters which allow employers to pinpoint the right people in a matter of clicks.


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Q. What is Jobruns?

A: Jobruns is West Africa's second to NONE jobs website. We help employers fill their vacancies quickly and cost-effectively by giving them access to the most relevant pool of qualified job-seekers.

Q. Can I advertise with Jobruns?

A: Yes, you can. As an employer, to advertise your job vacancies on Jobruns.com, click on 'Post a job' and choose from the options available. To advertise your brand on our website, send a mail to contacts@jobruns.com for a free consultation on our advertising rates.

Q: How do I apply for a job?

A; Click on the job title and follow the directions for applying in the selected listing. If you have questions about an application you have submitted, you should contact the employer directly.

Q: Do I need a PC before i can visit Jobruns.com?

A: No. You can also access Jobruns.com on your mobile phone.

Q: What happens when I apply online for jobs posted on Jobruns.com?

A: Your resume will be sent to the employer who will handle the hiring process. Do not worry if you do not receive an immediate response. Sometimes it takes weeks or even months to sort applications. Be rest assured that the employer will contact you if you are a successful candidate.

Q: Do I need a resume to apply to a job posting?

A: Yes. Your resume is what explains your focus, qualifications, strengths, as well as your commitment to starting or changing a career, which will help the employer make recruiting decisions.

Q: If I get a job through Jobruns.com, will Jobruns.com collect part of my salary?

A: No, Jobruns.com does not get a cut out of your salary nor do we demand for such.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We’re not like other recruitment agencies. When it comes to finding you the right job, we won’t pretend a square peg fits in a round hole. We will only send you job opportunities that are relevant and we’ll only organise an interview if we are very confident that the company and job are the right fit for you.

Corporate Social Responsibility

For Jobruns, corporate responsibility is about core values and principles that govern the way we operate. It’s about ensuring we sustain a safe working environment, have a positive impact on our people, the communities we work in and the wider environment, and build the trust and respect of our customers.

We aim to create a balance between the development of opportunities with our customers, stimulating and rewarding our staff, working with and supporting our local communities and sustaining the environment in which we operate.

We achieve Corporate Social Responsibilities by:

1. Engaging with our customers to understand their needs and expectations, such as carrying out annual client satisfaction surveys and recognising our candidates with different awards

2. Applying policies and procedures that meet all legislative and ethical requirements

3. Committing to recruiting and selecting a diverse range of jobseekers

4. Providing our staff with learning and development opportunities, including IT, management and development courses

5. Promoting the health and safety of those for whom we are responsible

6. Encouraging staff to become involved within local communities by offering paid leave for charity work

7. Sustaining and improving the environment within which we operate, minimizing any negative impact

We are looking forward to supporting local youth sports teams, and many more charity events or challenges within our communities.

Jobruns also supports Fairtrade by promoting Fairtrade products to our staff, clients, job-seekers and learners. Fairtrade enables producers in developing countries to get a better deal and to invest in their communities. We hold internal activities organised by staff, including promoting Fairtrade products such as dry goods, chocolate tea and coffee.

Safe Job Site Registration

Safe Job Site Registration

1. When registering on a job site, first ensure that the site is reputable and has a physical address and landline phone number.

2. Most job sites offer flexibility regarding whether you keep your profile ‘public’, ‘confidential’ or ‘private’ (non-searchable). Reputable sites will explain the difference, and you should choose the option most suitable for you.

3. Never divulge private information such as your National Insurance number, driver’s licence number, bank account information, credit card information, passport number or date of birth.

4. Select and use a safe password and never reveal it to anybody.

Avoiding Scams

1. If you receive an email claiming to be from a potential employer who has seen your CV on a job site, take care when clicking on links and ensure they go to a legitimate job posting.

Work at Home Schemes

1. Work at home schemes is a favourite vehicle for fraudsters.

2. Be particularly wary of envelope-stuffing, assembly work and medical billing or claims processing work.

3. Legitimate work-at-home employers should be willing and able to answer a variety of questions about their programmes.

Here are some questions to ask:

1. What tasks you will have to perform (ask the potential employer to list every step of the job).

2. Whether you will be paid a salary, or your pay be based on commission.

3. Who you will be paid by.

4. When you will receive your first payment.

Other Information

1. Ensure that a potential employer is genuine before meeting for an interview, to ensure that your personal safety is not threatened.

2. Be wary of approaches for jobs on social media sites where you have a profile.

3. Ensure you have effective and updated antivirus/antispyware software and firewall running before you go online.

See the SAFERjobs website for further advice on how to stay safe in the job search.


Jobruns Started as a simple website grew into an innovative Career Dashboard, aim to change the talent acquisition landscape by connecting both employers and interns online. Jobruns is changing the way people think about a career, and we’re helping employers/recruiters to search and find their next placement from the job market.

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