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Psychometric Tests

Psychometric tests have become a common part of recruitment.  There’s no time to waste in disliking them – they are here to stay for the foreseeable future.  The good news?  You can learn to handle them.  Not only that, but you can learn to master them. It does take practice – this is a ‘test’ after all.  So to make

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Need to Get a Handle on Right Now

LiveCareer | October 22, 2018 Not long after you accept a job offer, the onboarding process starts. Alot needs your attention right away: There are documents to fill out, people to meet, systems to get logged into, etc. What you’re really concerned about is getting proficient at your job as soon as possible. You’re probably not all that concerned about

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Stand Out in a Sea of Qualified Talent, You Have to Think Like a Marketer

Drew McLellan | October 2018 Astellar resume isn’t enough to standout in a pack of fellow applicants anymore. Whether you’re a recent graduate seeking your first real job or a professional hoping to make a career shift, competition is stiff. Sticking to traditional methods no longer works; applicants must prioritize new methods to differentiate themselves. One key consideration for today’s

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Jobruns Started as a simple website grew into an innovative Career Dashboard, aim to change the talent acquisition landscape by connecting both employers and interns online. Jobruns is changing the way people think about a career, and we’re helping employers/recruiters to search and find their next placement from the job market.

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