Corporate Social Responsibility

For Jobruns, corporate responsibility is about core values and principles that govern the way we operate. It’s about ensuring we sustain a safe working environment, have a positive impact on our people, the communities we work in and the wider environment, and build the trust and respect of our customers.

We aim to create a balance between the development of opportunities with our customers, stimulating and rewarding our staff, working with and supporting our local communities and sustaining the environment in which we operate.
We achieve Corporate Social Responsibilities by:

  1. Engaging with our customers to understand their needs and expectations, such as carrying out annual client satisfaction surveys and recognising our candidates with different awards
  2. Applying policies and procedures that meet all legislative and ethical requirements
  3. Committing to recruiting and selecting a diverse range of job seekers
  4. Providing our staff with learning and development opportunities, including IT, management and development courses
  5. Promoting the health and safety of those for whom we are responsible
  6. Encouraging staff to become involved within local communities by offering paid leave for charity work
  7. Sustaining and improving the environment within which we operate, minimizing any negative impact

We are looking forward to supporting local youth sports teams, and many more charity events or challenges within our communities.

Jobruns also supports Fair trade by promoting Fair trade products to our staff, clients, job-seekers and learners. Fair trade enables producers in developing countries to get a better deal and to invest in their communities. We hold internal activities organised by staff, including promoting Fair trade products such as dry goods, chocolate tea and coffee.

Jobruns is committed to developing local capacity in the delivery of our services. This commitment ensures that we employ and utilise competent Nigerian nationals in the execution of our services

We embrace three core approaches to local content development:

Skill Transfer: Jobruns continuously building a competent Workforce that discharge operational duties efficiently and effectively with little or no supervision. In achieving this, we have developed a Cross Posting Scheme, where our indigenous workforce acquires relevant skillset through training and understudying at our foreign partners location worldwide.

Manpower Development: In compliance with Nigerian Content Directive, we are committed to developing local manpower through standard recruitment and selection process, comprehensive induction program and regular training in Nigeria and acrossthe globe.

Indigenous resources: Jobruns engages the services of local contractors, personnel and consultants for the provision of our services without compromising on professionalism, integrity and quality.